"As the field of health promotion programming matures, the evidence is mounting that wellness activities do significantly impact the health and well being of employees as well as the company's bottom line."

--American Management Association



Stress…lack of exercise…meals on the run. Exhausting days and sleepless nights. Sound familiar? We all experience one or more of these in a typical workweek. The question is, how much does it cost your company and its employees?

Industry experts report that one million people call in sick each day due to stress-related disorders. This causes businesses to lose $150 billion annually to absenteeism, lower productivity and spiraling medical insurance costs.

Don't let statistics like these impact your bottom line. Instead join the growing ranks of companies that offer work site wellness programs.

Benefits of Therapeutic Seated Massage

A simple way to begin is with an on-site seated massage therapy program. Since 1996, Wellness at Work's massage therapists have been partnering with companies in the Metropolitan Chicago area to help employees:

  • Relieve chronic muscular pain and soreness
  • Minimize repetitive strain injuries
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase productivity (ask us for the University of Miami Medical School's Touch Research Study)

Many companies are also using seated massage as part of their Work and Family Benefits and Sales Incentive Programs.

Customized Programs

Whatever your goals, we can help design a program that works for you. At a work site location you designate our therapists will:

  • Provide a portable state-of-the-art massage chair
  • Tailor a 15-minute session to each employee's needs
  • Administer the massage without oil, while employees are fully clothed.


Many of our corporate clients pay the full cost or subsidize a portion of the on-site massage fees. We'll gladly provide more specific information on how we can help you meet your wellness program's budget. Our basic fees are:

Service Fee

On-site massage therapy

Call office for current rates

How Many Therapists Do You Need?

When you're ready to begin your program, simply tell us how many employees you want to service, the length of the massage sessions and the frequency you desire. We'll then provide the appropriate number of therapists.

Other Wellness Services

Wellness at Work continues to evolve our on-site wellness services in response to client demand. We have done a series of lunch and learn lectures on "Relaxation," "Ergonomics" and "Aromatherapy". Clients have also asked us to recommend fitness experts, stress management consultants and hypnotherapists. If you need help with your wellness program, just ask. We'll be glad to help.


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